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A stock image of a woman meditating while wearing headphones.

Sleep, anxiety, and meditation: The best mobile mental health apps

It is important to find ways to cope and relax whenever possible to avoid panic attacks and overall burnout. One of the most convenient options nowadays are meditation and sleep-based phone apps.

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Artwork of someone holding a large mug with the words, too much coffee? written on it.

The secret to cutting back on caffeine

Cutting back on caffeine intake can be difficult when you're a student with a heavy course load.

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A photo of the Better Blend Smoothie Bar in the Covent Garden Market.

Healthy food spots in downtown London

We encourage students to visit these five healthy food spots in downtown London to prioritize fresh, clean, and nourishing foods.

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A stock image of someone peddling a bicycle.

Stay active in the city this summer

Whether you're an avid sports enthusiast, or someone looking to engage in leisurely activities, London offers an array of options to keep you active and entertained throughout the year.

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A photo of a woman doing exercises inside an apartment.

Dorm-friendly low-impact exercises

Have you ever wondered what low-impact exercises you can do in your apartment or dorm without bothering your neighbours? We have the answers.

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Artwork of paramedics working over a patient in the back of an ambulance.

Paramedics and mental health: A closer look

There is a saying that states that things in our work life should be left at work and not thought about at home during off hours, but for some, thatís easier said than done.

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Illustration of the silhouette of a person holding a needle.

Why you should always get your flu shot

One crucial step towards maintaining a healthy community is getting vaccinated against the flu.

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A bike being ridden through the snow.

Snowscape cycling: Tips for riding your bike through the colder months

Cycling in the winter either sounds like the best idea ever or something you would only think about if you experienced some sort of psychotic break.

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An illustration of Fall related items, such as leafs and fishing.

Here’s how to explore London during the fall

As the leaves change colour and pumpkins get ready to be picked, London, Ont., offers various fun and wholesome activities throughout the season.

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Two feet on a scale. On the ground is a Booster Juice cup.

Let’s lose the “Freshman 15” once and for all

The "Freshman 15" is a well-known tale of woe referring to the extra weight young adults supposedly pile on during their freshman year at college or university.

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Black and white artwork of a student covering their head from falling rain

Services for students: The importance of maintaining mental health

Mental health has been a hot topic for multiple years, particularly with students. As students, it’s important to maintain your mental health.

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Photo of a woman sitting alone at a restaurant table wearing a mask

Living in a post-lockdown World

This article highlights some aspects of my experience during lockdown and its later effects as well as the insight of Registered Psychotherapist and Social Worker.

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Photo of students play volleyball inside a gym

Get active in London this summer

A list of locations in London where you can get active.

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Photo of the skincare aisle at a drugstore

Skincare: Natural isn’t always better

Skincare is a messy game of trial and error. What works for someone might not work for you, and the only way to really find out if a product is good for you is to test it out.

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A photo of a person in running shoes walking up a set of stairs.

The health benefits of walking

Here are a number of reasons why you should incorporate walking into your daily routine!

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Photo of Acai Concept exterior

Healthy food spots to keep you energized

Supercharge your next study session with a meal or snack from these nutritious eateries.

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Photo of an indoor swimming pool at Western University's Fitness Centre.

Fanshawe vs. Western: Fitness facilities

Settling the score on which institution has the best fitness centre. Spoiler alert: They're both amazing!

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Photo of a person blowing their nose and holding hand sanitizer.

Colds, flu and COVID, oh my!

Masks are off and school is in. Here's how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick this fall.

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Illustration of a person with their dog

Top 10 best dog-friendly trails and parks

With so many trails and parks in London, it can be hard to know which ones are dog-friendly and where you can go for a walk.

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Photo of a basketball net in a park

Sports locations and affordable activities in London

When you come to a new city, especially a big city like London, it can be hard to find things to do and places to have fun outside. That’s why the Navigator is here to help.

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Photo of a path in a forest

Outdoor spaces you’ve never been

London is known as the Forest City for a reason. Before roadways and residential buildings, this area used to be home to a vast sea of forests, valleys, wetlands, and more.

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Medway Valley trail

Nature calling: London’s environmentally significant areas

You may have heard London referred to as the Forest City, and there’s a good reason for that. There are 21 areas in the city that are considered to be Environmentally Significant Areas or ESAs.

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Young woman meditating on yoga mat outdoors.

A guide to mindfulness

When it comes to our day-to-day lives, we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves and take care of our mental health.

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Walter J. Blackburn Memorial Fountain in London, Ontario.

Local Resources

Ensure you are up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 restrictions before you shop, dine or utilize services.

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Young woman sitting at campus looking homesick.

I can’t keep calm, I keep missing home

Moving away from home is unquestionably a new, but important experience in life.

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Fanshawe College Student Wellness Centre

Mind and body: The benefits of movement

When it comes to physical activity, there are lots of benefits that movement brings to your body and mindset.

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Illustration of a sad woman hugging a cat sitting by a window

Mental health doesn’t have to be the Achilles’ heel of student life

Mental health is a never-ending battle that many of us struggle with at some or many points of life.

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Cityscape of London, Ontario.

London’s top parks and trails

When life gets stressful, exploring the great outdoors is the perfect way to get some exercise and ease your mind.

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Black and white photo of two hands holding.

Help is just around the corner

Sometimes life hits rock bottom. It happens to the best of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The important thing is to seek out a helping hand, be it a family member, a friend, a religious figure or a support worker.

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Lifeguard tower and waterfront at Long beach in Port Stanley

Best beaches in Southwestern Ontario

When it gets hot in the city, what better way to cool down than to indulge in the beautiful waters of Ontario?

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Two people tapping axes at BATL.

London’s best alternative sports

Don’t like to dribble a ball, shoot a puck, or whatever active people are doing these days?

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