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Photo of students play volleyball inside a gym

Get active in London this summer

A list of locations in London where you can get active.

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Photo of the skincare aisle at a drugstore

Skincare: Natural isn’t always better

Skincare is a messy game of trial and error.

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Black and white artwork of a student covering their head from falling rain

Services for students: The importance of maintaining mental health

Mental health has been a hot topic for multiple years, particularly with students. As students, it’s important to maintain your mental health.

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Photo of the front doors of Citi Plaza mall

Citi Plaza’s food court highlights

Citi Plaza has some great options for those looking to grab a bite to eat.

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Photo of a student on break at a cafe, doing her homework

The balancing act of managing both school and a job

No one can ever say the perfect way to balance studies and work, but it’s something most students need to figure out.

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A photo of Keegan Padyk and Bridget Atkinson Fee posing with Anderson Ales beer cans

Why you should check out Anderson Ales this summer

Anderson Craft Ales is a family-owned and independent craft brewery located in Old East Village.

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Nighttime photo of a parking lot and Indian restaurant

Argyle embraces “Little India” vibe

The Argyle neighbourhood is becoming home to a growing number of international South Asian students, most of which are from the country of India.

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Artwork of a person with sunglasses, holding a longboard in a public park

London’s best spot to longboard

I have been infatuated with longboards since I was 13 and my friend let me ride his for a few minutes after school.

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Artwork of the Western Fair District

Everything to do at the Western Fair District

The Western Fair District is home to various fun activities throughout the year.

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A photo of a burger and fries from Beach Boy Burger

The best burgers are at Beach Boy Burger

Beach Boy Burger is really a hidden gem within the city.

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Photo of a band playing on stage at Rum Runners

London’s scene has changed, but the music lives on

Collectively, folks in the music scene in London, Ont. gave a huge “WTF” when the city was announced a UNESCO City of Music in 2021.

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A photo of a person in running shoes walking up a set of stairs.

The health benefits of walking

Here are a number of reasons why you should incorporate walking into your daily routine!

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Photo of artists playing on stage at TD Sunfest

Summer music festivals in 2023

A look at music festival scheduled for this summer in London.

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Photo of a plated dish at Ivy Ristorante

Culinary bliss: Fine dining in the Forest City

If you enjoy spending your down time exploring restaurants and simply relishing in the ambience of an upscale environment with a delicious meal, this is the article for you.

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Photo of an audience sitting on a lawn at Home County

You are home at Home County

Home County Music & Art Festival will be celebrating its 48th season from July 14 to 16.

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Photo of Carlon Farina sitting at a desk

Achiever, marketer, founder: Spotlight on Carlon Farina

It is easy to see that marketing is Farina’s area of expertise and people have taken notice.

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Photo of diners around a table at Chef's Table

Dine at London’s singular student-run restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown London is Fanshawe’s student-run restaurant, The Chef’s Table.

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Photo of a For Rent sign with the note One Bedroom Units Only $1,800

More affordable rents needed to retain graduates in London

London’s quickly rising rental costs are making young students think twice about staying in the city post-graduation.

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Artwork of various market items, including food, crystals and a t-shirt.

How to become a market vendor: A step-by-step guide

Markets allow small businesses to have a temporary physical storefront alongside other small business owners.

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Photo of a woman sitting alone at a restaurant table wearing a mask

Living in a post-lockdown World

This article highlights some aspects of my experience during lockdown and its later effects.

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