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London Brewing Co-operative has the brews to get you in that summer mood

A photo of pints of beer with the London Brewing Co-op logo.
Image Credit: London Brewing Co-operative via Facebook

The warm weather is here, and that means patios are set to open up across town. Students finally get the chance to leave the confinement of studying indoors to get out and explore, relax, and enjoy life.

A cold, local, craft brew is one of the best ways to help put you in the mood for the season. London is home to many local craft breweries that make their in-house flavours sourced from local suppliers, like the London Brewing Co-operative. Here are some of the options they’re brewing up at their 521 Burbrook Pl. location.


Unlike the classic bitter taste of many beers, brews infused with the sweetness and tartness of fruits bring a whole new level to the playing field of taste. The smell alone from the mix of the grains and fruit offers an added plus to an enjoyable experience.

Fruits like strawberries, peaches, and blueberries are favourites among brewers. Citrus flavours also make a scene by adding a more tropical taste, most notably with lime and orange flavours.

London Brewing Co-operative offers some excellent fruity brews that will knock your socks off, guaranteed. For a classic Canadian taste, try the Raspberry 4PM Sunset Stout. It offers the bitterness of a classic stout with the tart sweetness of raspberries grown locally in London.


A timeless classic, the pilsner brew is a go-to for both the average beer drinker and the beer connoisseur. A pilsner brew is great all year round but hits harder when it’s ice cold during a picnic or a hot day on the beach.

The taste of a pilsner brings out the full earthy punch to your taste buds when it touches your tongue. It has the spice and naturalness of the grains with grassy undertones.

A pilsner is the safest option for those who don’t like the overpowering flavours of other beers and want something simpler. London Brewing’s Organic Pilsner, for instance, is made with Pilsner Malt from Malterie Caux Laflamme in Quebec and organic Triple Pearl Hops from eastern Ontario’s Chlodowig Farm. It’s also one of the brewery’s most popular beers.


Sour beers emphasize dry and acidic flavour notes. It serves as the perfect option for those who are looking to get out of their comfort zones and dive headfirst into something new.

The taste of a sour beer is noted to be distinctly funky with the added acidity on top to make it pop on your pallet. Sours have been compared to kombucha, or even balsamic vinegar. The other great aspect of this beer is the medium to low carbonation it has, making it easier to enjoy if you struggle with fizz.

If this sounds like your vibe, then London Brewing’s Raspberry Vanilla Sour is the brew for you. This is made from Local Heeman’s raspberries with a touch of vanilla for a creamy vegan sour.


IPAs or India pale ales, are known for having a strong hops flavour and a high alcohol content. You can also find session IPAs, which come with a lighter alcohol content, like the easy-drinking Front Porch Organic IPA from London Brewing Co-operative.

For a stronger beer and flavour, try their Organic Hazy IPA, which is punctuated with notes of tropical fruit and melon. You can never go wrong with wanting something moderately fruity while still getting that intense IPA flavour. 

The London Brewing Co-operative has many other beverages to offer, including ciders, spirits, and seltzers—all made from locally sourced supplies. They also host many events like live music and game nights with food available to order.