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A photo of a drag performer on stage.

London drag scene hits its stride

While drag is by no means a queer-only artform, it holds a special place in that community across most of the world, and London is no exception.

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Digital artwork of the exterior of Hyland Cinema, with movies like Godzilla and E.T. displayed on the marquee.

The Hyland Cinema: London’s nostalgic taste of retro film

Cinemas and films changed over the years. Bright high-definition screens, over-powering sound, and theatres that seat hundreds at a time have become the new norm.

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An exterior photo of Budweiser Gardens.

Budweiser Gardens’ big summer shows

Londonís largest venue for live music and other major events is hosting a series of incredible acts this summer.

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A photo of a band playing on stage at Palasad Social Bowl.

Palasad Social Bowl is a music venue?!

Palasad Social Bowl is well-known in London as a hotspot for food, bowling, and arcade games. What many newcomers to the city might not know is that the Social Bowl also hosts live music.

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Oranges, wood, trees and coffee beans.

The smell of the season: Our favourite fall and winter scents

Every season comes with familiar scents, from the smell of blooming flowers in spring to the fragrance of freshly mown grass in the summer. But what do fall and winter smell like?

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An illustration of three styles of sweaters.

How to style your sweaters for sweater weather

When we look at significant pieces of clothing that we might use on a day to day basis, we might think of socks or underwear. Here in Canada though, sweaters could definitely fall into this category as well.

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A red balloon, a Chucky doll, an old tube TV with hands pressed against a window showing and an illustration of a stack of VHS tapes with a pumpkin on top with the number thirty-one carved into it.

31 days of scares: Your Halloween horror movie checklist

The year's scariest holiday is quickly approaching with jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and costumes to enter everyone's minds. One part of the Halloween season that shouldn't ever be ignored is horror movies.

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A black and white illustration of a ghostly looking individual.

A haunted tour of London and area

The London-Middlesex region is rich with history. From the invention of insulin to the Western Fair, London's history is definitely worth exploring. But this area is also known for its ghost stories and spooky tales.

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Red seats in an empty theatre.

Fall/winter highlights at The Grand Theatre

If you've passed by The Grand Theatre and made a note that you want to plan a visit, now is the perfect time!

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Artwork of a person with sunglasses, holding a longboard in a public park

London’s best spot to longboard

I have been infatuated with longboards since I was 13 and my friend let me ride his for a few minutes after school.

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Photo of a band playing on stage at Rum Runners

London’s scene has changed, but the music lives on

Collectively, folks in the music scene in London, Ont. gave a huge “WTF” when the city was announced a UNESCO City of Music in 2021.

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Artwork of the Western Fair District

Everything to do at the Western Fair District

The Western Fair District, located at 316 Rectory St. in London’s east end, is home to various fun activities throughout the year.

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Photo of artists playing on stage at TD Sunfest

Summer music festivals in 2023

A look at music festival scheduled for this summer in London.

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Photo of an audience sitting on a lawn at Home County

You are home at Home County

Home County Music & Art Festival will be celebrating its 48th season from July 14 to 16, in Victoria Park. The festival hosts music, art, food, and community.

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Illustration of a floating haunted house and full moon with a ghost, headstone, jack o'lantern and bats

Spine-tingling fun: Halloween events to check out this fall

Love all things Halloween? Get out an explore the spook-tacular events.

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Photo of London Music Hall exterior

Fall concert schedule

If you love live music, we've got you covered with some of our top picks for concerts this fall.

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Illustration of a FlixBus.

Affordable ways to travel out of London without a car

It's easier than ever to travel out of London with these affordable bus and train options.

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Illustration of food and game booths at the Western Fair.

A history of the Western Fair and what’s on this year

Learn more about this London institution and find out what's coming to the fair this year.

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Photo of the interior of the Early Bird diner with memorabilia covered walls

Where and how to take the perfect Insta-worthy photo in London

Is it still trendy to take pictures of our fancy meals and post them? How about having personal accounts for our pets? Is using the filters Sierra or Mayfair still a thing?

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Illustration of a military tank and the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

The six best museums in the Forest City

If you’re the kind of person who likes more educational and quiet attractions, London is home to some great museums and historic sites.

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Photo of a band playing music on stage

London is Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music

London, Ont. is officially Canada’s first United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) City of Music.

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Photo of musicians playing on a porch with children dancing in the yard

How an underground event became a city-funded celebration of music

Matt Knill, a former musician and music promoter in St. John’s, Newfoundland thought he was being quite the rebel when he began a series of outdoor porch concerts in his Woodfield neighbourhood in 2013.

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Illustration of an art gallery.

Forest City Gallery: Growing art in London

London is a great centre for the arts. Apart from the nationally famous art programs at Fanshawe College and Western University, London is also home to several galleries.

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Boxes with 519 pledge stickers.

519Pursuit: Providing support and confidence to homeless communities

Working at night in London as a security guard opened Alisson DeBlaire’s eyes to the gaps in supportive service for homeless citizens.

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Illustrated group video call on a computer screen

You’ve got mail: Navigating online friendships in isolation

Transitioning from high school to university is a monumental task at the best of times, but the abrupt transition to online-only events this year poses a new array of challenges for students and their mental health.

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Illustration of a woman and a child baking cookies

Winter hobbies to take up right now

If you’re anything like me, you probably consider winter to be optimal hibernation time. We tend to burrow indoors this time of year, and due to COVID-19, we’re forced to seclude ourselves more than ever.

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Illustration of animals and birds in a forest

Why is London the Forest City?

London received the nickname from the British government poking fun at Governor John Simcoe, who in 1826 envisioned London becoming the Upper Canada capital.

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Hands typing on a keyboard

Tips and tricks to online learning

If COVID-19 has got you down, I got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks to motivate your online learning experience.

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A man and a woman walking at a distance through a snowy forest

Socially distanced activities that will bring us closer together

These are difficult times. So many things have recently changed that sometimes it seems to be a completely new world.

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Illustration of a man painting a heart and others offering help

How to give back to the London community

There are endless reasons people might want to start volunteering. Volunteering allows you to meet new people, gain resume-worthy experience and lend a helping hand to the community.

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Illustration of a woman reading a book by a window

Get lost in winter reading

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book under a warm blanket to avoid the cold winter.

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Snowy landscape of Sifton Bog

Environmentalism in the Forest City

They don’t call it the ‘Forest City’ for nothing.

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Museum London exterior

An abridged art tour of London

London, Ontario has officially moved from a small to medium-sized city. To some readers that may not mean much, but for me it?s everything.

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Illustration of people sitting around a fire telling stories

A glimpse at local Indigenous heritage

According to oral history and archaeological records, the region in which London was founded has been inhabited for over 10,000 years.

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London Public Library entrance

Student resources outside of your campus bubble

When it comes to resources for students, post-secondary institutions usually have plenty available. But what a lot of people do not realize is that there are a lot of great resources available throughout the community as well.

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Havaris Produce and other vendors inside Covent Garden Market.

A shopper’s dream: Retail hubs near you

Struggling to find a pair of camouflage trousers? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Together, we’ll explore the distinct regions in London, Ont. and everything they have to offer for all your shopping needs.

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Barney's Patio menu on a patio table.

Exploring the great outdoors and beyond

London is full of hidden gems that most students never discover in their time spent in the city. Many might find themselves wondering: besides college and university campuses what else is even here??

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Musicians playing live music on stage.

London’s most cherished live music venues, old and new

As we slowly emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, audiences and musicians alike are hungrier than ever for a return to live music.

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Wisdom Teashop storefront

London on a budget

Activities to do around As a student, you may feel limited by that sad, sad balance in your bank account

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Tile mural in Old East Village.

London breakdown: Your guide around the Forest City

This part of London is where Fanshawe College?s main campus is located. Some of the notable places to visit are: Banting house (historical building), Kiwanis Park (skate park) and the Western Fair District.

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People performing a cultural dance on stage.

Festivals all summer long

Don’t miss out on some of the biggest festivals in London and surrounding area this summer

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Heroes store sign

Where to get comics and other geeky items

Comic Con comes around once a year to offer so many geeky items: posters, comics, figurines, games and other merchandise.

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Clothing and accessories for sale

Shop ‘til you drop: Unique boutiques in London

London has a fair share of boutiques dotted across the city, but finding something that is uniquely #LdnOnt is hard to do when you are new to the city.

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Bookshelves full of books.

The ultimate bookworm bookstore guide

Would you rather be reading a book above anything else? Do you decline going out on weekends just to spend time with a special book?

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