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Fall/winter highlights at The Grand Theatre

Red seats in an empty theatre.
Image Credit: Zoë Alexandra King

“Whether you’re the daring theatre-goer, the newcomer, the seasoned veteran, the musical enthusiast, the play fanatic, or one who seeks an experience they will never forget, this season is sure to satisfy all of your senses,” Evan Klassen, Executive Director of The Grand Theatre, said.

The Phantom of The Opera

Sept. 19 to Oct. 7 (Opening night: Sept. 22)

For the past 25 years, The Grand Theatre has held its youth mentorship program, the High School Project (HSP). This year, they will be presenting this iconic musical by playwright and composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. The first performance of The Phantom of The Opera was in 1986, winning a Tony Award for Best Musical and many others.

The Phantom of The Opera is about a masked “musical genius” who lives under the Paris Opera House and becomes obsessed with soprano Christine Daaé.

“Our beautiful Spriet Stage, also a 19th century opera house, will create an immersive environment to bring to life this story of love, compassion, and resilience,” Andrew Tribe, HSP Director said.

Kim’s Convenience

Oct. 17 to Nov. 4 (Opening night: Oct. 20)

This production is a Canadian-based story written by and starring Ins Choi. The story of a proud proprietor of a convenience store in Toronto who built his business from nothing takes the Spriet Stage, demonstrating his struggles as his neighbourhood in Toronto changes. Additionally, Mr. Kim is a first-generation Korean immigrant and a father who deals with “the growing chasm,” of his children.

This whimsical award-winning play will present the audience with a slice of Toronto and a look inside of Mr. Kim’s life there. Kim’s Convenience is also a five-season sitcom that aired on CBC.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Nov. 21 to Dec. 24 (Opening night: Nov. 24)

This movie was an absolute staple in my household as a child and in my adult years I have found that it takes me right back to that state of childhood magic. I’m sure many are ecstatic to see Willy Wonka on the Spriet Stage at The Grand this fall! For those who are unfamiliar with this story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about a world-famous candy maker and his five golden tickets. The chocolatier inserts five separate golden tickets into his chocolate bars and takes the winners into his magical chocolate world filled with chocolate waterfalls, Oompa-Loompas and more.

“One of my hopes for this show is that our ‘grownup’ audience can nostalgically visit that part of their childhood when life was hopefully a little less complicated,” Director Jan Alexandra Smith said.

The Invisible - Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Jan. 16 – Feb. 3 (Opening night: Jan. 19)

A production written, composed and directed by Jonathan Christenson, this show tells the story of women who “risked it all” fighting during World War II and the unfortunate reality of betrayal that came from it. Jonathan Christenson, also the writer and director of Vigilante, was inspired to tell the stories of “real-life” Special Operative Executives (SOEs).

This production tells the story of seven women who were given their most dangerous mission, which included risking their lives. Watch this touching story as the actors perform on the Spriet Stage this winter.

“...if we don’t tell these stories, history will repeat itself,” said Christenson.

In Seven Days

Feb. 13 to March 2 (Opening night: Feb. 16)

In Seven Days is a heart-touching production by Jordi Mand and directed by Philip Akin. A story based in our very own London, Ont., it tells the story of main character Rachel’s dilemma of love, her Jewish faith, and her conscience.

When Rachel finds out some sad news regarding her father, her priorities are thrown out the window.

According to the Grand’s season brochure, “In Seven Days is a powerful reminder of the preciousness of life and the challenges of saying goodbye to the people we love most.”

If you’ve passed by The Grand Theatre and made a note that you want to plan a visit, now is the perfect time! Now that you know what plays to expect this season, you have no reason not to go. Take advantage of these iconic productions coming to our Forest City this fall and escape reality by enjoying a night at the theatre.

Tickets can be bought online through The Grand’s website, and through their box office on Richmond St.