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A photo of Michelle Shipley and Kelly Peckham.

Broad Films looks to turn London into a filmmaking haven

London's film and television industry status has seen a surge in activity in recent years, with notable productions such as The Amazing Race Canada, The Changeling, Harbour House, How to Die Alone, and The Green Screen Saga all being shot right here in the city.

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A stock image of a young person at a computer set-up wearing a gaming headset.

Using Twitch as a side hustle as a student

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can capture the video game you are playing and broadcast it live for others to watch.

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Artwork of a woman dressed in eclectic clothing.

London’s thrift store scene is thriving

London is known for its cultural diversity and vibrant thrift store scene, offering residents and visitors a treasure trove of vintage finds and sustainable shopping options.

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A photo of students and staff at Village Creative in Innovation Village at Fanshawe.

Fanshawe students empower Village Creative

Village Creative is a marketing agency run exclusively by Fanshawe students from various programs.

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An exterior photo of Lazeez restaurant.

How to save money while still making the most of the season

With time off, comes the choice of what to do with it, but with the cost of living rising ever higher, many feel limited.

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An illustration of two different outfits that can be worn on the job.

Dressing for the job you want in school

When entering the workplace or even while in school, how you dress can drastically impact your potential success and how you're viewed, sometimes having immediate impacts.

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3D letters spelling out brand. There are also illustrations of pencils, a ladder, a laptop and a graph.

How to brand yourself professionally

It is important for students to brand themselves in a professional manner if they wish to lead a successful career path post-graduation.

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Someone using a laptop which has the word Scholarship displayed on it. The person is holding a piece of paper with formulas on it.

Why you should always apply for scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships are merit-based awards that recognize a student's academic achievements or commitments to their communities at large. Bursaries, meanwhile, are based on financial need, provided to students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

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An illustration of backpacks with Linkedin branding on them.

Make your LinkedIn stand out for back to school

I still remember the exact moment that I realized having a LinkedIn account was worth the time and commitment.

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Photo of someone using a laptop. On the screen is the cover of the Fall 2023 issue of Navigator.

The best part-time jobs for students

A job that offers flexibility around your busy school schedule during the semester is the ideal thing to keep in mind and luckily, there are several to choose from.

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Photo of a For Rent sign with the note One Bedroom Units Only $1,800

More affordable rents needed to retain graduates in London

London’s quickly rising rental costs are making young students think twice about staying in the city post-graduation.

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Photo of a student on break at a cafe, doing her homework

The balancing act of managing both school and a job

No one can ever say the perfect way to balance studies and work, but it’s something most students need to figure out.

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Nighttime photo of a parking lot and Indian restaurant

Argyle embraces “Little India” vibe

The Argyle neighbourhood is becoming home to a growing number of international South Asian students, most of which are from the country of India.

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Artwork of various market items, including food, crystals and a t-shirt.

How to become a market vendor: A step-by-step guide

Markets allow small businesses to have a temporary physical storefront alongside other small business owners. So what is the process?

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Photo of Carlon Farina sitting at a desk

Achiever, marketer, founder: Spotlight on Carlon Farina

One name that has been rapidly climbing the notable list of names in the city is Carlon Farina.

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Photo of a person on a laptop in the Student Centre

The benefits of a co-op placement

A co-op is the perfect to gain experience and make connection.

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Illustration of a piggy bank cartoon character reading a book, sitting on a stack of books, with a calculator, money and mathematical symbols in the background

Saving money: Tips for students

Student life can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

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Photo of a sign outside the Foundry First building advertising student living in the building.

Helpful housing tips for students

Don't get left out in the cold! Check out our guide for the most ideal student housing experience.

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Photo of a person signing a document

Finding the perfect internship

Our tips for finding the perfect internship, using advice from Fanshawe's very own career workshops.

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Photo of Youth Opportunities Unlimited signage

Local summer jobs

It’s finally here! You’re almost graduating or finishing a semester in school, and now it’s time to plan for the summer. Most importantly, it’s time to find summer employment in the city.

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Photo of a person with a laptop, paperwork and a calculator.

Financial detox

The term “detox“ can be used in many aspects of our lives, including our personal finances.

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Hutton House building entrance

Find your next volunteer opportunity

Volunteering and engaging with vulnerable members of society is a privilege. It is a tremendous opportunity to reduce stress, gain professional experience, network, strengthen your community, learn a new skill, make a difference, and so much more!

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Innovation Works sign

Start your business in London and watch it grow

The hardest part of running a business is getting it off the ground. While there are countless cities in Ontario to start growing your business, London possesses a myriad of resources for kick-starting your entrepreneurial dreams.

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Youth Opportunities Unlimited Since 1982 sign.

Helpful resources for finding a job

I know that daunting feeling after reading several hiring applications and believing you’re unqualified.

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Old East Village tile wall mural

The growing sector of East London

East London has had something of a bad reputation in the past. You?ve probably been told to not go to ?east of Adelaide? if you value your safety.

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