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A photo of pints of beer with the London Brewing Co-op logo.

London Brewing Co-operative has the brews to get you in that summer mood

A cold, local, craft brew is one of the best ways to help put you in the mood for the season.

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A stock image of plant life growing on an apartment balcony.

Grow your own dinner: Apartment-friendly gardening tips

In the bustling lives of urban dwellers, creating a green oasis in an apartment or a dorm room can be a challenge.

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A photo of the Famous Burger from Odd Burger.

Odd Burger is now at Western. Will Fanshawe be next?

Odd Burger, which is a locally developed vegan food chain, is a 100 per cent vegan plant-based business.

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A photo of a plate of food from Yaya's Kitchen in London, Ontario.

Three amazing Black-owned restaurants that should be on your must-try list

London, Ont. is home to a wealth of varied cultures and with different cultures comes different incredible, authentic food.

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An illustration of people at a festival. Some are carrying fall related foods, such as a pumpkin, pie and apples.

Experience the harvest season at the Fall Food Fest

The Fall Food Fest is a celebration honouring the richness of seasonal food and grains in a family friendly environment.

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An illustration of a group of people gathered around a dinner table. The table has a turkey on it. The word Friendsgiving is displayed.

Multicultural dishes to impress at your next Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when families get together for a large feast and share all the things they're thankful for. But not everyone is able to travel home to spend this holiday with family. That's where Friendsgiving comes in.

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Someone holding a grocery bill, using a phone, in front of produce.

Navigating your grocery budget: A student's guide to smart shopping

With careful planning and strategic shopping, you can ensure that your money stretches further while enjoying nutritious meals.

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An illustration of a variety of Fall beverages.

Fall drinks that aren't a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Try any one of these seasonal beverages this fall and winter, and enjoy the flavours of the season without breaking the bank.

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A photo of Keegan Padyk and Bridget Atkinson Fee posing with Anderson Ales beer cans

Why you should check out Anderson Ales this summer

Anderson Craft Ales is a family-owned and independent craft brewery located in Old East Village at 1030 Elias St.

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Photo of diners around a table at Chef's Table

Dine at London’s singular student-run restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown London is Fanshawe’s student-run restaurant, The Chef’s Table.

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Photo of a plated dish at Ivy Ristorante

Culinary bliss: Fine dining in the Forest City

If you enjoy spending your down time exploring restaurants and simply relishing in the ambience of an upscale environment with a delicious meal, this is the article for you.

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Photo of the front doors of Citi Plaza mall

Citi Plaza’s food court highlights

Citi Plaza has some great options for those looking to grab a bite to eat.

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A photo of a burger and fries from Beach Boy Burger

The best burgers are at Beach Boy Burger

Beach Boy Burger is really a hidden gem within the city. The restaurant itself is fairly small and it looks like a house from the outside. But inside is where the magic happens, with some very kind staff.

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Illustration of two smiling taco cartoon characters with flowers and celebration banners in the background

Your next fall outing: Wildflowers Taco Fest

Enjoy tasty tacos while taking in the picturesque Wildflowers farm.

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Illustration of a hand picking an apple from a tree with names of apple-picking locations pinned to it

The in-cider scoop on the best local apple picking spots

Nothing screams autumn quite like a stroll through a local orchard. Here's a list of some of the best apple picking spots around.

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Photo of several vendors at the outdoor Masonville Market

Local farmer’s markets to explore

From fresh produce to handmade goods, you won't want to miss these locally-loved farmer's markets.

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Photo of overnight oats with blueberries and toast

Easy residence recipes

A delicious meal is just a waffle maker away with these easy residence-ready recipes.

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Photo of multiple original paintings on a wall inside The Planet Diner.

Delicious restaurants just outside of London

Your next delicious meal is just a short drive away, just outside of London.

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Illustration of a person holding bubble tea

Ranking London’s bubble tea spots

Bubble tea, or boba, is an iconic Taiwanese drink featuring tapioca pearls and tea. There are countless spots to grab this delicious drink throughout the city, but we’ve narrowed the very best and even pinpointed the best drinks to try.

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Photo of fruit, vegetables and granola

Healthy eating on a budget

Properly nourishing your body is very important for your overall health and energy on a day-to-day basis.

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Illustration of hands holding glasses of beer and clinking glasses.

Good for what ales you: Exploring local breweries

Many cities or towns have their own breweries and can be a popular spot for both locals and tourists to visit. So what does London Tourism suggest?

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Photo of students eating and drinking at The Out Back Shack.

Fanshawe vs. Western: On-campus eateries

Although Fanshawe and Western share no historic rivalry, students at both institutions have some strong feelings about where they’re getting their next meal. So, we’re exploring what’s available for students in terms of quality in order to find out which institution has better on-campus eateries.

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Illustration of two people having a picnic under a tree.

Building the perfect picnic with food from local London restaurants

With limitless activities and scenic areas to explore, it only feels right to make a perfect picnic kit for a perfect day out in the beautiful Forest City of London.

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United Supermarket sign

Discover unique grocery shopping in your neighbourhood

Located in Covent Garden Market, Homeopathy London is a small but mighty health food store, carrying everything from make-up to tempeh.

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Reimagine Co. Groceries storefront.

A local grocery store with a heart and a mission

Imagine a world where humans are at ultimate peace with one another and with nature. A world where sustainable, cognitive action takes on a newfound importance in people?s everyday lives.

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Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery storefront

A guide to coffee in the Forest City

Any coffee lover knows how hard it is to find the perfect brew that satisfies their taste buds.

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Udupi Dosa Vegetarian Indian Cuisine storefront.

Find your new favourite (affordable) restaurant

When you think of cheap eats, you might be tempted to seek out the many recognizable fast food chains that London is home to. But, throughout this vast city, there are many locally owned and operated restaurants offering home cooked options at an affordable price.

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Exterior of Edgar and Joe's Cafe at 201 King Street.

Affordable summertime snacking

Both locations feature outdoor seating to patrons who want to relax outside with a cup of coffee or tea.

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People eating outside at Barney's patio.

Forest City patio guide: You CAN sit with us

Relaxing in the sunshine with a cold brew in hand is a great way to spend time with friends, but how do you choose where to go?

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Man playing pool

Nightlife in London for those under 19

London’s nightlife extends beyond just the Richmond Row bar scene. There are plenty of alternatives for students not quite old enough to drink, or even those who are but simply want a change of pace.

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