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The best burgers are at Beach Boy Burger

A photo of a burger and fries from Beach Boy Burger
Image Credit: Kate Otterbein

London has a new “best burger in town,” at least in my humble opinion. Beach Boy Burger is a fairly new restaurant, just one year old. It is located at 731 Wellington St. in London.

Beach Boy Burger is really a hidden gem within the city. The restaurant itself is fairly small and it looks like a house from the outside. But inside is where the magic happens, with some very kind staff.

The premise of the restaurant came from the idea of “smash burgers.” A smash burger is essentially a meatball that is squished after being placed on the grill. They are rather thin in nature.

“Warm, toasted, buttery buns, quality beef blend seasoned to perfection and smashed thin to maximize flavour,” cited Beach Boy Burger’s website.

The flavour is rich in these burgers, that’s for sure. The cooking method makes a nice, crisp outside with a very juicy centre.

Founded by Jesse Walker and partnered with Josh Sawyer, Walker’s goal was to bring a restaurant to London that didn’t already exist. So, the menu is rather simple. Guests can order a single, double, or triple burger dressed with ketchup, mustard, beach sauce (their special secret sauce!), American cheddar, chopped pickles, and chopped onions.

If burgers aren’t quite your speed, they have newly introduced a hot dog, called Signature Dog. It is a seven-inch beef hot dog in a custom-made bun. It comes dressed similarly to the burgers with ketchup, mustard, pickle, chopped onion, and beach sauce. The hot dog gets just as many rave reviews online as the burgers.

There aren’t meal options for one price, but the sides are just as amazing as the burgers. For any fellow mac-and-cheese connoisseurs, Beach Boy’s mac-and-cheese is a must try. It is so creamy and cheesy, making the perfect decadent side for whatever main you choose. This is a treat that is worth the extra calories!

“This is a restaurant I recommend to everyone and London agrees. Beach Boy Burger was awarded gold in the burger category by CommunityVotes London 2022.”

Fries are also available if you prefer and for an extra cost, you can add one of their house made sauces for dipping. They have their signature beach sauce, a house-made habanero ketchup, and house-made dill mayo. The Malibu Mayo and the Beach Sauce are personal favourites and the Ketchup Caliente is on my list to try! It will add a little bit of kick, if you’re into spice.

Now, that’s a lot of information already. But that’s not all! To wash it all down, you have a choice of bottles or cans of pop, or a milkshake. They always have the classic flavours like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Every month they also have a monthly milkshake. This can vary from a Skor milkshake to a peanut butter and jelly shake. And dessert?! A deep-fried PB&J sandwich!

This menu is truly so unique and so tasty. This is a restaurant I recommend to everyone and London agrees. Beach Boy Burger was awarded gold in the burger category by CommunityVotes London 2022. If you’re looking for something tasty this BBQ season, Beach Boy Burger is definitely on my list of recommendations.