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I can’t keep calm, I keep missing home

Young woman sitting at campus looking homesick.
Image Credit: Brendan Beamish

Moving away from home is unquestionably a new, but important experience in life. It can be incredibly difficult. If you’re missing your family, your friends, your pets or your old room, we’re here to help!

Here are some suggestions to help you cope with homesickness.

Let it be

Allow yourself to be homesick.

We are consistently filling our timetables with work and striving to stay “busy.” It is crucial that we recognize and release some of the emotions that we carry with us.

“Your local city is filled with new libraries, shopping malls, parks, recreational centres, museums, gyms, and restaurants that should be explored.”

Sometimes a good cry is all you need. Crying is our body’s natural response to pain. It is self-soothing and releases the chemicals oxytocin and endorphins. The release of these chemicals in our bodies helps us to feel better and ease our pain.

Furthermore, using various modes of meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. For some, writing down your feelings in a journal and analyzing them is effective. Researching different tactics and understanding which method best suits you may significantly diminish your tensions.

All about you

Remember, you’re free from home. You’re entirely responsible for yourself. You’re accountable for your own emotions, behaviours and lifestyle. 

This may be your first opportunity at detecting some of your hidden interests, leisure activities and favourite physical activities. 

Block off some time from your schedule to engage in new endeavours and find your most enjoyable pursuits. Some examples include self-care, indulging in diverse foods, volunteering, attempting a new sport, having movie nights, adopting a pet, working out, hiking and dancing. The options for discovery are infinite.

New city, new home, and new experiences

A part of learning about yourself is to step out of your comfort zone and partake in new experiences.

Participating in more events and activities in your community may ease the anxieties of making local friends.

Your local city is filled with new libraries, shopping malls, parks, recreational centres, museums, gyms, and restaurants that should be explored. Also, don’t limit yourself to just the city; feel free to explore destinations and towns all over the province, if you have the means to do so.

Additionally allow yourself to engage in school clubs, events, and committees at your new school. You may develop eternal friendships and develop valuable connections.

Building relationships and locating your favourite places will help you emotionally. This will allow you to feel more relaxed in your new location.

Home is wherever I’m with you

Make a phone call to your family and friends that you miss.

Communicate your feelings of missing them and chat about some of your beloved memories together. You may be expecting a trip back home in a few weeks and perhaps an arranged event with them will reduce your homesickness.

Also, consider bringing an object from home that you cherish and keep it with you, so that home doesn’t feel too distant.

Remember, there are many individuals that have this mutual feeling. It is a shared experience, hence the immense supply of support available around you.

There are countless resources offered to assist you, including apps and online groups that you can engage with to learn new hobbies, network and track your progress.

These methods are a few ways to help you cure your homesickness. But, as we know, life is not easy; it is full of unpredictable events. There will be days when you will experience grief and sorrow. Finding your coping mechanisms earlier in life is extremely beneficial.

From these ideas, I hope you learn about yourself, and your personal healing methods.