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A guide to mindfulness

Young woman meditating on yoga mat outdoors.
Image Credit: Savannah Bisaillon

When it comes to our day-to-day lives, we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves and take care of our mental health. For me, I know I like to try and dedicate 30 minutes of each day to centre myself and refocus. When it comes to being mindful about yourself and your surroundings, there are many different things you can do to keep focused.

There are a few mobile apps I love to use for when I need to reconnect and be in the moment. One of my favourite apps that was recommended to me is Headspace. Headspace is a meditation app that helps guide you to health and happiness all from the comfort of your phone. It offers a guide to applying mindfulness in your day-to-day life. You can choose from hundreds of guided meditations.

“I love being able to take time out of my day to centre and reconnect with myself and my emotions.”

Another free app for mindfulness is called Calm. Calm empowers its users to ease into the practice of meditation. The app offers different exercises and things to help your needs, with different sections divided for different needs. The creators of the app have created different subsections with exercises dedicated to managing anxiety as well as helping with sleep. Calm even offers a daily meditation series to help you learn techniques and tools to explore your practices.

For people who do not like apps, there are a few YouTube channels I subscribe to that guide the listener through some easy, guided meditations or even some simple yoga routines. One of my favourite YouTube channels for guided meditation is called Great Meditation. 

Great Meditation has hundreds of videos targeted to everyone. What I like most about this specific channel is that each video is only about 10 minutes long. Plus, there is a guided meditation for just about anything you are looking for.

With each video being at least 10 minutes in length, they are perfect for people who want to work on mindfulness but also don’t have the time to invest deeply into it.

Having these types of resources available through COVID-19 makes it easier for people to be able to feel refreshed from the comfort of their own home. I, for one, know I get anxious in bigger settings, so spaces that offer meditation classes scare me.

But being able to have applications like Headspace and Calm, keeps me motivated to keep myself accountable in taking care of my mental health. Each of these apps offer different exercises to help you find the right one for your needs.

It is important to focus on your awareness in the present moment while being able to acknowledge and accept your feelings and thoughts.

I love being able to take time out of my day to centre and reconnect with myself and my emotions, knowing that there are some apps that can help me narrow down exactly what I am looking for when it comes to my needs. These are just a few of my personal favourites but there are a lot of other apps and resources available online that help with daily mindfulness in different forms as everyone learns in different ways. Using techniques like meditation can help you with maintaining a proper sleep schedule or even just maintaining peace throughout the day.