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London’s best alternative sports

Two people tapping axes at BATL.
Image Credit: BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League)

Don’t like to dribble a ball, shoot a puck, or whatever active people are doing these days? Sometimes all people need is an ounce of creativity to spice up the thought of getting in their exercise outside of the classic basketball or baseball routines. Here is a list of alternative sports and activities for you to try.

Axe Throwing

38 Adelaide St. N.

BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) gives participants the opportunity to chuck fast, sharp tools into wooden targets. Not only is it an amazing stress-reliever, but many will be surprised to discover the great effects that this activity has on the body (a.k.a a golden ab worker). The venue houses over 7,500 square feet of space and 22 targets. Whether the sport is somebody’s perfect idea of stress relief, or even just a great way to satisfy the urge to throw things, BATL is the place to check out. Visit the website for group bookings and other inquiries.

Bubble Soccer

Location varies

Ever wonder what it’d be like to live the life of a hamster? Now you can join a local bubble soccer league to find out. The sport entails the same expectations and objectives of regular soccer, except better, as players run across the field to catch a ball while knocking one another off their feet. Players are placed into giant bouncy suits, leaving only space for their legs to dangle out. Don’t worry about givin’ er, this bubble is certainly not one to pop. Operating all year round. Registration can be found online.

A rockwall at Junction Climbing
Credit: Junction Climbing

Junction Climbing

1030 Elias St., Unit 2

Any indoor rock climbing sports centre is guaranteed to provide an intense full-body workout requiring both physical and mental strength. This hardcore sport tests climbers’ strength, balance and judgement as they push and pull themselves up 16 feet of stepping stones. There are 50 varying boulder routes to choose from, so choose wisely. Junction is open to individual or group exercises, and often holds monthly events and community fundraisers.

Treetop Adventure Park

689 Griffith St. (Boler Mountain)

Head over to Boler Mountain’s Treetop Adventure Park for the opportunity to see the world from high-up in the treetops while zipping through the forests and fields. Treetop Adventure Park offers three different levels of courses, including a kid-friendly path and a big zip adventure pack. Those who are bigger fans of swinging will be happy to know that the zipline course offers six consecutive zips. This exciting activity operates through rain or shine.