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Black and white artwork of a student covering their head from falling rain

Services for students: The importance of maintaining mental health

Mental health has been a hot topic for multiple years, particularly with students. As students, it’s important to maintain your mental health.

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Photo of students play volleyball inside a gym

Get active in London this summer

A list of locations in London where you can get active.

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Photo of diners around a table at Chef's Table

Dine at London’s singular student-run restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown London is Fanshawe’s student-run restaurant, The Chef’s Table.

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Photo of an indoor swimming pool at Western University's Fitness Centre.

Fanshawe vs. Western: Fitness facilities

Settling the score on which institution has the best fitness centre. Spoiler alert: They're both amazing!

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Photo of students eating and drinking at The Out Back Shack.

Fanshawe vs. Western: On-campus eateries

Although Fanshawe and Western share no historic rivalry, students at both institutions have some strong feelings about where they’re getting their next meal. So, we’re exploring what’s available for students in terms of quality in order to find out which institution has better on-campus eateries.

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Hands typing on a keyboard

Tips and tricks to online learning

If COVID-19 has got you down, I got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks to motivate your online learning experience.

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