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Secret gems of the Forest City

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Image Credit: Ian Indiano

London may seem like any other small town, but it takes just one step inside the Forest City to realize how many secret gems are hidden behind the trees. London definitely does not lack interesting places. From parks to museums, stores to restaurants, London has it all.

Here are some suggestions if you want to have a true Londoner experience. And remember to always stay safe, check the local COVID-19 protocols, and have fun!

Old East Village

If you like taking walks and appreciate architecture, this place is for you. London’s Old East Village is a historic neighbourhood in east downtown filled with life. There you will find buildings and houses mostly from late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, plus restaurants, galleries and an exhilarating cultural scene.

Banting House

This site is one of the most important places in modern medicine history. Known as the “birthplace of insulin,” it was here that Sir Frederick Banting woke up at 2 a.m. on October 31, 1920 with the idea that would lead him to discover insulin. Take a tour of this house and learn more about one of the most amazing discoveries of modern science. You can plan your visit at their website and give them a call to book a visit.

Eldon House

This is London’s oldest residence. It was built in 1834 on the margins of the Thames River, it served as home for many generations of the Harris family. In 1960 it was donated to the city, and now it is one of the most amazing places to visit. It contains furnishings and historical objects and it’s full of history. Plus, it has one of the most beautiful gardens in London. If you are interested, visit their website and book a visit.

Sifton Bog

This spot is for those who love nature. The Sifton Bog is a Class Two provincially significant wetland located south of Oxford Street West. It is one of the most southerly acidic bogs in Canada, and home for many rare species of plants and animals. Visitation here is free, and the view is always beautiful and interesting.

Westminster Ponds

With approximately 200 hectares, here you will find abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes. This is the kind of place that made London become known as the Forest City. The Westminster Ponds complex has six major ponds and many smaller ones. If you want to meet the complex, you can try one of the many trails. It’s definitely worth viewing!

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

This is the perfect place to learn more about the history of London and Canada. Here you will learn the story of the rural communities in the former townships of London and region. The village has original constructions and artifacts from 1820s to 1920s. This will be an immersive historical experience that you will never forget.